Inside GoOgLe – A Collection of Strange Links on Google

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Although Google is a search engine,it’s also a website.It has millions of it’s own pages indexed in it.When i was digging deep inside Google i found some strange links inside it.So I decided to compile a list of strange Google links. Enjoy!

  • If you ever wondered all the misspellings of Britney Spears and their volume, you must check this out.

  • These two links are to fun Google games
  • Quench your thirst for knowledge with Google Gulp
  • Check out Google’s latest ideas
  • If you are fond of puzzles
  • Tribute to Moms
  • Google Mobile maps
  • Are you scary smart?
  • Google press center
  • Google apps
  • Mind-racing problems.
  • Doodle 4 Google
  • The virgle
  • Google Alerts
  • Urchin Software from Google

  • Google dictionary
  • Inside google
  • Movie reviews
  • Google’s next Coding Competition site
  • Blog search
  • Microsoft on google
  • Google Linux
  • Google tour
  • Google TOS
  • Google trends
  • Google arts
  • Google 3d warehouse
  • Google Adult content
  • Google & Dilbert Doodle
  • Google in Kannada
  • Google strange logos
  • Win Registry files in google
  • Google Universities Search

Oops there’s still lot more.But only this much for now….


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Inside GoOgLe – A Collection of Strange Links on Google