Create PDF File in 2 simple and easy method

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Why Use PDF??
  • PDF is the official open standard ISO 32000. Being supported by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISO 32000 standard will continue to be developed in the future with the purpose of protecting integrity and longevity of the PDF format – an open standard for more than 1 billion PDF files existing today.
  • PDF files look like source documents and save the data of source documents: text, pictures, video, 3D-graphics, maps, true-color images, photos and even business-charts, regardless of an application they were created in.
  • PDF files can be viewed and printed on virtually any platform: Windows, Mac, Unix, Symbian, Windows Mobile and many others.
  • Today, over 250 millions of PDF documents in Internet and countless PDF files in government departments and companies all over the world show how many organizations entrust their information to the PDF format.
  • PDF documents support auxiliary technologies ensuring the availability of information to disabled people.
  • A full-text search capability.
  • A password protection capability.

 Download PDF Creator
PDF creator is a freeware and is available at You can install this software to convert your existing text or word documents into PDF.
Installation steps are quite simple. When you click on ‘Free Download’ it asks whether you want to save or run the application. You can select any of them. It then asks if you accept the agreement and start installation process .Setup has been installed, you are now supposed to run it.
Right click on the document you want to convert.
Select Create PDF and Bitmap Files with PDF Creator.
A dialog box appears informing it is necessary to set PDF creator as default printer. It is a temporary printer so no issues with it. You can easily continue.
Following dialog box appears. Click Save and specify save location.

Document is now converted into PDF format. (I have converted a ’docx’ format into ‘pdf’).Even the highlighting is preserved.

Create PDF Online

If you are not interested in downloading and installing softwares … we have found a way out. You can create your pdf documents online at

  • Click  convert PDF now.
  • It will present you its packages.
  • Subscribe to any of them.
  • It will then ask your particulars.
  • Once you are done with the sign up process, you can use it anytime. Since the prices are high, very few will go for this option so let’s move to the simplest one.


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Create PDF File in 2 simple and easy method