How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards Without Formatting...

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emory Cards are the external storage media that are used to store digital information. Most of the users store music, videos and photos in the memory cards. But some experienced users also stores confidential information, contacts, messages etc in it and sets up the password to protect it from unauthorized access. However if you forget your password then recovering your data can be a nightmare for most users. Even mobile companies don’t provide any software to remove password protection. If you connect the password protected memory card with your computer using USB then it will not show any extra hard drive in your Windows Explorer. The only solution left is to Format the memory card from your mobile phones.FExplorer is freeware third party small utility which will bring sigh of relief to users who forgot their memory card password. FExplorer only works with Nokia s60 first and second Edition phones.

How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards Without Formatting

  • First of all, Download FExplorer in to your mobile phone.
  • Now run FExplorer and go to C: drive first.
  • Now get into C:\System folder.
  • Search for the mmcstore file name and copy this file into your computer.
  • Now open this file with Notepad in your computer.
  • Now you will be able to see the memory card password in this notepad file.

       That’s it! Yet there is no such method to unlock memory card password of latest Nokia s60 series, E-series and N-series mobile phones without formatting. If you have any solution for these mobiles please feel free to mention in comments.


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How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards Without Formatting...