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he world's largest social networl had changed user's default email address to @facebook.com, for a short while the end of june, without notifying users, drawing servre criticism.

            Facebook had launched an email service in November 2010 amidst very little fanfare. The social networking companyallowed users to have @facebook.com address and receive normal e-mails in their message inboxes. The service, then foreseen as an attempt to take on gmail, was aimed at enabling users to communicate with external email address via Facebook.

            The social networking giant said change was due to a bug within the Application Programming Interface (API) which pulled the last e-mail address mentioned in the account, instead of the primary e-mail addresses.

            Referring to reports on 'lost' e-mails due to change in contact info, the social networking company said that by default , messages from friends or friends' friends come into users' inbox. And everything else moves to Other folder, which is placed below Messages in your left hand navigation menu.

            July also saw Facebook redesign its Events feature, adding Calender and List views. It allows users to views friends' upcoming birthdays, event invites and even suggested events on a calender- instead of the traditional list format. It is funny how even Google+ announced an Events feature.


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Facebook Round-up