How to add Commnad Prompt in right click..??

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i Friends,
Today, I am going to do somthing new i hope you all like it.
when we use command prompt that time we go in directory using "cd" and "cd.." commands but i have one easy way to access directory. just imagine if any Operating System provide Command prompt menu is it possible noooo???? but i say Yupssss Why Not friends..??

Now we can add command prompt in right click of any directory folder or drive by this tutorial post

How to add Command Prompt in right click

  • Start > Run
  • Enter "regedit" and hit Enter
  • Expand to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell"
  • Right-click on "shell" and select New > Key
  • Make sure a new key is created under "shell". Change the name of this key to "Command Prompt"
  • Right-click on this new key "Command Prompt" and select New > Key
  • Change the name of this key to "command"

Yuppieee It's Done!!!!!!!!!

For Video tutorial Find us on YouTube


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How to add Commnad Prompt in right click..??