Microsoft announces cheap upgrade plans for Windows 8

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Microsoft announces cheap upgrade plans for Windows 8

icrosoft has announced extremely favourable prices for upgraders to Windows 8. Customers in 131 markets running Windows XP, Vista or 7 will be able to upgrade for only US $39.99 (approx Rs 2,240) and add media center for free, which is just a third of what Windows 7 was offered for when it launched. The price is applicable to digital downloads of the new operating system, which will launch on October 26 this year. Users of 32-bit operating system will be limited to a 32-bit Windows 8 installation, and the scheme will not apply to those installing a fresh OS on a blank drive. The promotional price price. The promotional price is valid till january 31, 2013. Microsoft has also greatly reduced the number of separate versions of Windows that will be available, with only standard and Pro versions available at retail. There won't be any seperate Home Premium and Ultimate editions, but a new System Builder package will serve the same purpose as cheaper OEM copies of earlies versions which circulated unofficially.


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Microsoft announces cheap upgrade plans for Windows 8