New Security Risks Detected and Patched

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  • Email spam with attachments masquerading as scans delivered automatically from an HP Officejet scanner i responsible fro a recent spate of trojan infection.
  • Solution:- Don't Open files from unknown sources or those recived unexpectedly. Up-to-date antivirus  software will also prevent infection.

  • Apps that claim they can magically improve the battery life of Android devices instead steal user's contacts,send them to a remote server, and harvest email address to spam.
  • Solution:- Security software can detect and neutralize the rouge app, but caution is always advised when downloading from unofficial sources.

  • Microsoft recently disclosed two vulnerabilities rated critical for Windows users and Moderate fro server administrators, which could  allow remote attackers to gain the same permissions as the current user.
  • Solution:- the cumulative security update 2719177 patches these holes.

  • Malware identified as crisis or morcut is circulating in the from of a java JAR archive. The java applet itself is crossplatform and detects which OS the user is running. The payload that is  actually installed depends on which OS the user is running
  • Solution:- It is not safe to believe that Macs are safe from malware attacks. Antivirus security software is a must.


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New Security Risks Detected and Patched