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If you've followed from the first time, you might be know that I have changed a few background color of the template a few times. Yes, it because sometimes I feel bored with that. I think if you just bored like me, you no need to create another blog with the same topic, because you can change background color anytime you want. And recently one of a friend of mine asked me how to change background color blogger. So that I make this post, and I hope this will help you out there who has the similar question.

Step 1. Login to Blogger

Step 2. Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML
Step 3. Don't forget to "Backup full template"

Step 4. (Use CTRL + F) and find this code body{
    It will looks like this

background:#FFFFFF; margin:0;
font: x-small "Trebuchet MS", Trebuchet, Verdana, Sans-serif;
font-size: small; text-align:

To change background color background:#FFFFFF, you just change the color code. To help you to find and pick up the right color you want,
Just Select Color From below Color code generator..

But if you want to Add Background Image: background: url(LINK);

Repeat the image horizontally (left to right): repeat-x

Repeat the image vertically (top to bottom): repeat-y

No image repeat: no-repeat

Position image to the left or right:
left (for left side)
right (for right side)

Position image to center of screen: center

Fix image on background (to prevent image from moving when scrolling): fixed

Check out the code below as an example:

background: #FFFFFF url( repeat-x fixed;

I hope this will help you with your boredness. However, if you still need help or have a question unsolved, please drop them on comment box below, Thank you.


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How To Change Blogger Background Color & Image | Blogspot | Color Picker | Color Code Generator